LMS script built on Laravel 5.8 and ReactJS 16.9

An application similar to udemy with all the basic features that needed for Learning Management System(LMS), which is completely available as an open source at GitHub.

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ULEARN is an impressive LMS script which comprises of all the basic features that needed for online learning. This package includes responsive frontend website, instrucror/admin dashobard with a backend template. Admin can manage every aspect of the system, while the instructors could create creative courses through an interactive curriculum with varrious types of course files such as audio, video, document and text.

Top 5 Reasons: Why you should download this script.

  • The entire source code is completely free to download and customize based on your need
  • It's built on latest version of Laravel 5.8
  • The learning page is entirely developed by ReactJS 16.9
  • It's light weight and contains all the basic features needed for LMS
  • Instance support through GitHub, email and in-built contact feature
  • Home Page

  • Course List

  • Course View 1

  • Course View 2

  • Course Learn

  • Admin

  • Instructor

  • Login

Why choose ULEARN

Effective key features for your online Learing Management System(LMS)

Laravel 5.8

Laravel 5.8 is a powerful and well structured MVC pattern with the features such as improved email validation, convention based automatic registration of authorization policies, DynamoDB cache, session drivers and so on

ReactJS 16.9

React JS is a very simple and lightweight javascript library for building user interfaces, which provides a component based structure that could be reused and Fast render with Virtual DOM with clean abstraction

Hi-Tech Learning

Our script offers hi-tech learning through video/audio/document learning facilities. It`s simple flow and the user interface helps the students in a very effective manner even without any need special guidance to the application

Social Login

ULEARN enables the user to login through social networks like Facebook,Google +. Through social logins, it minimises the user time by automatically fetching the details from social networks, instead of entering it manually

Responsive Design

Our script uses Bootstrap 4 as a CSS framework, which dynamically adapts the resolution of the page as per the user`s device. It makes the site absolutely and perfectly fit for any type of device, be it a PC or laptop or mac or tab or mobile device.

Course Management

Entire list of courses can be viewed and managed through this module. The instructor could also add image with resize and crop, manage pricing, change categories, enable/disable the course and add promo videos for the course


The instructor could add multiple sections along with multiple lectures for the course. The sections and lectures were aligned properly and the instructor could add multipe lessons in various formats such as video, audio, doc and text

Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway PayPal provides secure online payment between the student and instructor. The admin could manage their merchant details such as username, password, signature and test mode status efficiently

SEO Friendly

The meta tags could be managed by the site owner and the actual course names created as a slug in course URL. So search engines can easily crawl and show up the site for the relevant keywords, immediately once the site is published


Our script uses the powerful video converter ffmpeg to convert the videos to a web format, which will run the process in background through cron jobs, once the video is uploaded by the instructor, without any waiting/loading time

Instructor Credits

The instructors gets the amount as credits for the payment made for their courses by the students. Once the amount reached the withdrawal limit, the instructor could request to withdraw the amount and the admin could approve it

Instructor Module

The instructor have a neat dashboard to view the overall metrics for courses, lectures and videos. Also the instructor have the capability to manage their courses, withdraw requests and update their profile information

Admin Module

Admin could manage the site completely by changing the site details such as logo, app name and contact emails. Also admin could manage the users, categories, pages, blogs, payment settings and the withdraw requests

Page Management

Admin could edit the contents in the pages such as about, home page and contact page without the help of developer support, as it have the option to update the each and every content in the pages at admin module


Our script facilitates the admin to manage the blog list, to add/edit or delete the blog posts. Blogs targets the audience in a very effective manner, which helps the site owner to post userful informations and newsletters

Website Security

Our script comes with the default laravel security features which have strong authentication, prevents SQL injection, Protection against XSS (Cross Site Scripting) and Reduce Laravel Vulnerabilities From CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery)


Yes, the entire script is open source and free to use.

Yes, drop a mail to ulearnpro@gmail.com and mention your query in detail. We will try to resolve within 24 hours

Yes, drop a mail to ulearnpro@gmail.com and mention your requirement in detail.

Yes, we could change the design based on your requirement as a customization

It requires PHP >= 7.1.3, MySQL 5.6+, Apache 2.2+ or NGINX, Linux/Unix operating system and cron jobs

The techonologies used in our script were Laravel 5.8, ReactJS 16.9, Bootstrap 4 and Jquery 3.3

Yes, we planned to add multi lingual support, multiple categories, additional payment gateways and so on

Educational academies, schools, colleges, entrepreneurs who starts LMS, developers and web development companies to develop LMS projects

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